Setting Goals for Success in the New School Year: 5 Focus Areas for Students and Families

Whether you have a preschooler or a middle schooler, the start of a new school year is filled with anticipation. As students organize their supplies, plan outfits for the first week, and prepare to meet new friends, parents know that this enthusiasm often fades after the early days. This is why...

10 Questions to Ask on Your Private School Tour

If you are exploring private school options, you already know that education is a valuable investment in your child’s future. Choosing the right one may seem daunting at first; however, most parents find that campus visits help them quickly narrow down the list.  School tours are exciting...

Six Questions to Help Strike Up Meaningful Conversation With Your Student After School

“Hey, son! How was your day?”  “Good.” “What did you learn?” “Ummm…” If your after-school conversations tend to go this way, you’re not alone. Many parents find it difficult, or even downright frustrating, to connect with their kids after school. But rest...

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