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Middle school is a time of so much growth and change, and you want to be sure your child’s experience is a positive one. You want them to believe in themselves, to safely pratice independence and develop an academic foundation that’s strong enough to carry them through high school, college, and life.


You can find all of that at Columbia Academy, a private school in Columbia, MD.


At Columbia Academy, middle school is our students’ capstone experience. This is where it all comes together for them as they solidify their interests, talents, and character, all before high school. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of our middle school experience, including:

  • School Culture
  • Academic Offerings
  • High School Prep
  • Campus Safety

To get the best feel of our program and all we have to offer, we encourage you to take a virtual tour of our elementary and middle school campus

Establishing honorable character before high school and college. 

Middle school can be a challenging season as pre-teens learn to navigate conflict and build healthy relationships. We guide our students through this process with our Character Education Program, which teaches them to:

Live virtuously.

Students study and discuss a different virtue each month — citizenship, diligence, empathy and kindness, gratitude, honesty and fairness, mindfulness, patience, and respect.

Take educational risks.

Teachers promote a growth mindset in the classroom, giving students the confidence and perspective needed to ask questions and reframe possible solutions.

Practice self-discipline.

Columbia Academy middle schoolers take responsibility for their academic performance, behavior, and future goal setting, and have the option to participate in athletic skills training.

Give back.

All middle school students perform 10 or more hours of community service each school year, and the entire Columbia Academy community works together on annual food and clothing drives.

“My family has been with Columbia Academy for almost four years now, and the care and education my children have received have been phenomenal. The teachers are warm and friendly. The administrative staff is just as wonderful — they’ve never hesitated to respond to any concerns or questions I’ve had. My kids love Columbia Academy.”

– A Columbia Academy Middle School Parent

Academic Offerings

Project-Based Learning

Students learn best when they can connect material covered in the classroom to real world experiences. Through engaging project-based learning, our educators help bridge a student’s conceptual understanding with his or her understanding of procedural practices. Core subjects studied include language arts, math, science/STEM, and social studies.

Differentiated Instruction

Our middle schoolers thrive in a safe, nurturing environment. Teachers meet students where they are and differentiate instruction based on individual needs. Every morning starts with advisory time for any students who have questions or need extra help. Classrooms that aren’t crowded allow for everyone to be seen and known.

Enriching Electives & Student Organizations

Middle school is a great time for students to pursue passions and discover new interests. With the help of their homeroom teacher, middle school students have the autonomy to choose their own electives, and can join student organizations. Some popular options include band, cheer, chorus, cooking, creative writing, drama and acting, games, knitting, photography, printmaking, yearbook, and the Young Leaders Club. Fifth graders can participate in SciKids, an after school club that features hands-on experiences in the science and technology disciplines.

Off-Campus Learning

We’re located in close proximity to the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, metro areas, which gives our students access to exciting educational experiences beyond the classroom, including Fort McHenry, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center,  the Cryptology Museum, the National Aquarium, and more.

Setting middle schoolers up for success — today and tomorrow.

The Columbia Academy experience culminates in middle school graduates who are confidently prepared for high school. We provide that solid foundation through:

Leadership Training

Our Young Leaders Club teaches leadership skills and gives students the opportunity to interview local business owners to research what it takes to be a leader and own a business. Eighth grade students are the “seniors” on campus, and are responsible for the morning announcements for the entire school.

Teaching Accountability

Every student is given a laptop which they’re responsible for throughout the school year. With the help of their homeroom teacher, students take ownership of their schedules by choosing electives.

Character Education

Instilling confidence in middle schoolers can be challenging. By celebrating and exploring a different virtue each month — citizenship, diligence, empathy, fairness, gratitude, honesty, kindness, mindfulness, patience, and respect — we give students the tools needed to practice positive decision-making and healthy relationship-building.

Safe Learning Spaces 

At Columbia Academy, we take an individualized approach to educating and supporting our students. We celebrate each student’s individual uniqueness by ensuring they feel safe, supported, and seen in their classrooms and around campus.


When students feel safe in their learning environment, they’re more self-confident, perform better academically, and feel comfortable speaking up. Establishing trust between teachers and students is one of the most important ways we keep our learning spaces safe. In addition to a zero tolerance policy against bullying, we encourage students to openly express their thoughts and feelings. We celebrate their successes and promote a growth mindset so that their mistakes are seen as learning opportunities. We model kindness and patience, and create an environment free from judgement.

See for Yourself

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a parent. Columbia Academy’s elementary and middle school campus is located in Columbia, Maryland, in the village of Kings Contrivance. Schedule a tour and see firsthand why families choose our middle school for their preteen. We look forward to answering your questions and sharing more about the opportunities available at Columbia Academy.

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