Positive growth in the middle school years is critical for lifelong success. This is a season of growth and transition. As students leave the elementary school and begin preparing for high school, they are met with increasingly challenging coursework, more social opportunities, and a variety of extracurricular activities to help discover their passions.

At Columbia Academy, middle school includes grades 5-8. During these years, we emphasize leadership, character development, increased independence, and meaningful relationships in addition to academic excellence. In our school community, every child is mentored by caring teachers and enjoys a respectful, nurturing culture.

  • STEM Focus – Our science program is designed to promote inquiry as well as skills across the leading fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Through virtual labs and hands-on activities, students learn to think, predict, analyze, and apply knowledge in both school and life.
  • Language Mastery – A strong language arts and reading program engages our students while preparing them for the rigors of high school and college. From mastering the writing process to exploring sophisticated literature, students emerge ready for success in the classroom and on standardized tests.
  • Exciting Enrichments – All middle school students study Spanish, art, music, and media. We also offer a research-based PE program which promotes sportsmanship and lifelong wellness. Additionally, students and parents choose multiple elective programs each semester. Through these activities, middle school students discover their individual passions.
  • Character Education – We partner with parents to navigate the social challenges of middle school through consistent character education, developing meaningful relationships, and rewarding responsible citizenship. As a result, our middle school students are respectful, responsible, and engaged learners.

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