Building an Academic Foundation for Students in Columbia, MD

You recognize that nothing is more important than giving your child the opportunity — and the tools — to thrive. For your family, that could mean attending Columbia Academy, a private school in Columbia, MD, that lays the groundwork for academic success while helping children develop their confidence and fine tuning their social skills.

Whether your child has completed preschool or will be entering a classroom for the first time in kindergarten, our dedicated teachers and small class sizes will ensure that they are welcomed and supported as they transition to our private elementary school.

A student at a private kindergarten in Columbia, MD, learns about using a calendar and builds her confidence in front of the class.

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Program Overview
Columbia Academy’s kindergarten program is designed to meet each student where they are and provide the support they need to become confident learners. When children develop a growth mindset early in their educational journey, they are able to take risks, face challenges, express themselves, and learn from mistakes — all of which maximizes their learning potential. This is accomplished through:

Hands-On Learning
Kindergartners learn best through play. Our students are up and moving, participating in hands-on activities and collaborating with their peers. It’s the best way to foster an early excitement about learning.

Differentiated Instruction
We recognize and appreciate that no two students learn in the same way or at the same pace. With small class sizes, our educators have the autonomy within their classrooms to tailor their instructional style in ways that best meet the needs of all of their students.

A Positive Culture
Students develop strong character and learn to be good citizens. Interwoven throughout our curriculum are lessons about respect, kindness, and inclusion.

A Day in the Life

What does a day in the life of a kindergartner at Columbia Academy look like? The following schedule will give you an idea of what your little learner will be doing at school each day.

8:30-9: We start our day with DEAR time (drop everything and read). Students love diving into a great story after they get settled into the classroom.
9-9:30 – The whole class comes together for our morning meeting and fuels up for learning with a snack provided by the school at no extra cost to families.
9:30 – 10:25- Language arts lessons incorporate hands-on activities and promote reading, comprehension, and speaking skills.
10:25 -10:55 – Students transition to their first special of the day. (Depending on the day, this could be Media, P.E., Art, Music, or Spanish.)
11-12 – In math, students begin exploring geometry and developing numeracy skills (counting, measuring, adding, subtracting, etc.).

12-1 – Students eat lunch with their friends and then burn off some energy at recess. Outdoor play is available whenever weather permits.
1-1:30 – Quiet time allows students to rest their minds and bodies with quiet activities. This helps them gear up for an afternoon of learning and fun.
1:30-2 – After quiet time, students head off to their second special of the day.
2-2:30 – Science is a favorite part of the kindergarten day, as they get to hypothesize, conduct experiments, and learn about the world around them. 
2:30-3 – A writing lesson concludes the academic day. It’s amazing to see how kindergartners move from only writing their name at the beginning of the year to writing in full sentences at the end.
3-3:30 – After students have a small afternoon snack, they pack up the belongings and are dismissed.

Before and After School Care
We understand how busy families are, which is why we offer before and after-school care programs, which provide age-appropriate activities led by loving teachers and staff. Students who attend aftercare can receive help with their homework, visit the computer lab, and participate in extracurricular activities. 

Why Do Parents Choose Columbia Academy?

Small Class Sizes
Our student-to-teacher ratio is 15:1. Public schools in our area have an average of 22 children per kindergarten class. Studies show that reducing class size provides educational effectiveness, health and safety benefits, and greater opportunities for social-emotional learning. Parents love that our teachers have the capacity to communicate with them regularly, providing updates on their student’s progress and opportunities to be involved.

A Safe Environment
Our campus is highly secure, with a locked entry system (every family has their own code to enter), surveillance cameras, and a fully background-checked staff. Classrooms and outdoor play equipment are age-appropriate, and every room is equipped with an air purifier to minimize allergens and germs.

Online Learning Option
Columbia Academy recognizes the value of online learning and understands that it is necessary from time to time. While kindergarteners thrive in the classroom with friends, parents appreciate that our curriculum is designed to be effective both in person and online.

“What a gem we have found in Columbia Academy, and in Ms. Christie in particular. We are very impressed by how much one-on-one attention and care our son has received. We are very optimistic that he is in an ideal environment to thrive academically.”

-Parent of a Columbia Academy student

Experience Columbia Academy for Yourself

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a parent. We look forward to answering your questions and sharing more about the opportunities available at Columbia Academy. Email us today to schedule your tour. 

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