Preschool at Columbia Academy prepares your child for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our program helps students expand their vocabularies, develop basic math skills, and learn how to thrive in a classroom environment. Most of all, we emphasize the fun and adventure of learning, fostering a thirst for knowledge and a love for school.

The Value of High-Quality Preschool

Parents choose Columbia Academy for the following reasons:

Strong Foundations

We introduce the core academic disciplines of math, science, language arts, social studies, and technology in a fun and meaningful way. This helps students build foundational skills for success in Kindergarten.

Diverse Learning Experiences

Preschool students are introduced to foreign language, computer science, music, the arts, and recreational physical education. These special subjects develop new language skills, technology skills, creativity, and physical coordination.

Family Partnerships

At Columbia Academy, we have an open-door policy and desire to establish a transparent partnership with each family. Our teachers communicate with parents regularly through the Tadpoles app and families are invited to play an active role in the learning experience.

Safety & Quality

Our preschool facilities are designed for maximum security, with locked doors, PIN access, and a stringent drop-off and pick-up process. All faculty and staff are experts in early childhood education and must pass thorough both state and federal background checks.


In our preschool classrooms we use Creative Curriculum to create lesson plans that use developmentally appropriate objectives.  The objectives help the children have positive interactions with both adults and peers, develop social-emotional competence, be constructive and purposeful in their play, and continue to develop motor skill growth. In addition to Creative Curriculum, the students participate daily in a peacemaking program that helps to develop their character.  These activities teach acceptance, diversity, cooperation, sharing and how to appropriately express their feelings.

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Kendall Ridge is one of the best-located facilities of Columbia Academy, with easy access to and from Route 95, Routes 100 and 108, and Snowden River Parkway. Kendall Ridge has brand new playground equipment and classroom furnishings of the highest quality.

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Kings Contrivance is conveniently located next to the Columbia Academy Elementary and Middle School. The enclosed classrooms make Kings Contrivance a peaceful location, though the spacious multi-purpose room allows for top-quality indoor recreation.

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Maple Lawn is located only moments away from Routes 29, 32, 216, and 95. The enclosed classrooms and spacious multi-purpose room (with an indoor play surface and heated floor) allow for an elegant balance of learning and recreation.

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Our Thunder Hill location is the largest of the Columbia Academy Preschools, in Columbia, MD, with open classrooms and a large multi-purpose room designed specifically for safe, spacious indoor play.

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