We are pleased to offer a virtual learning option for the 2020-2021 school year that allows families to experience the benefits of a Columbia Academy education from home. Students remain plugged in to the school community and are able to engage, communicate, and collaborate with their teachers and peers on a daily basis. 

How it Works

Students in the virtual learning program tune in for live classes via Zoom. They receive the same instruction as children in the classroom and are able to interact and have their questions answered in real-time.

Who Can Participate 

The virtual learning program is open to any family who does not feel comfortable with their student(s) learning on campus at this time. The commitment is one year; however, if space permits, students may be able to transition back to the physical classroom as they wish.

Where To Begin

To learn more about the virtual learning program, or to discuss whether it would be a good fit for your family, please contact Sherry Mobley, Enrollment Specialist, at or (410) 312.5233.


Frequently Asked Questions

What technology will my child need to have/understand for virtual learning?
Technological solutions will vary by grade level to ensure they are developmentally appropriate. A few common programs and platforms are Zoom, Google Classroom, and Flipgrid. Teachers may introduce and provide training on others they deem helpful for fully engaging students.

Who will teach my child?
This will vary by grade level. Some students will be taught via Zoom by our on-campus classroom teachers. Others will be in virtual learning cohorts and receive instruction from designated teachers who work exclusively with online students. Either way, students will receive ample individual attention.

What do assignments look like in the virtual learning program?
If the child is being taught by a classroom teacher, their assignments will be exactly the same as those students in the class on campus. If a student is in a virtual learning cohort, the teacher will develop and guide assignments for the group. Both scenarios will provide many opportunities for hands-on learning, collaboration, and creativity.

How will progress be monitored to ensure online students are thriving?
Teachers will be collaborating and planning together throughout the year to ensure both on-campus and online students are progressing at the same pace. Students in the virtual learning program will be exposed to all of the same topics and educated with the same standards as on-campus students in their same grade level.

Will my student have to wear a uniform?
No, we are not requiring uniforms for students in our virtual learning program.

Are extracurricular activities available?
At this time, we are not offering extracurricular activities for virtual learning students.

Will my child feel like a part of the school community?
Absolutely! In addition to staying in touch with their teachers and peers, students will be invited to participate virtually in our school wide events and traditions.

Is virtual learning a possibility for the entire student body?
If the need arises due to changing circumstances in our area, we are equipped to help all of our students transition seamlessly to virtual learning.

Fill out the form below or call (410) 312.5233 to learn more.