Early adolescents have different needs based on their brain development, which Montessori education recognizes and incorporates into its curriculum.


Turtle River Montessori embodies the philosophy of these unique cycles of learning, and our facilities are designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive and critical developmental stages. Classrooms are structured with custom-designed materials that are geared towards the size, pace and interests of the child to stimulate the natural desire to learn.

Our classrooms are designed to accommodate a three-year age span, with the Primary beginning at three to six years, the Elementary from six to nine years, the Upper Elementary from nine to 12, and the Middle School from 12 to 15. Each classroom is lead by a fully trained Montessori teacher. There are full-time assistants in classrooms to keep the adult to child ratios between eight or nine students to one adult.

Turtle River Montessori’s Programs

Skills such as literacy, problem solving, innovation and creativity have become critical in today’s increasingly interconnected workforce and society. Montessori teachers share the same common goals for our students, including: