Stephanie Hogue

As an educator at Columbia Academy, I feel very fortunate to be part of a school that always places our students and families first! The administrative team, staff, students and families here at Columbia Academy are like one giant family. Everyone I’ve encountered is welcoming, supportive and...

Brad (Grade 4)

My favorite things about Columbia Academy are doing band with my friends, going to Fall Festival and Field Day, being in after care and morning care. At Sock Hop, everyone gets to go and we have pizza and get to dance!

Priyanka Talegaonkar

I have been a teacher at Columbia Academy for the past 3 years. I received my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in India. When I first came to America, I was worried that starting a brand new job in my new country would be difficult, but Columbia Academy is truly a family. My directors,...

Zoe (Grade 4)

What I like about Columbia Academy is that we get to go to amazing field trips like Masonville Cove. We also get to do fun after school events like cooking or Girls on the Run. We also do “shadow day” where, if you’re in 4th grade, you stay with the middle school and shadow all day!

Biak (Grade 4)

Columbia Academy has great teachers and students to talk to. This school also has special events like Fall Festival, Field Day, Sock Hop, and Book Fair! There are also clubs to join such as Girls on the Run, Abrakadoodle, I’m a Chef Too, and wrestling. Three things about the school I like are...

Kennedy (Grade 4)

At Columbia Academy there are amazing teachers! Also, there is an Art Show in May. One more thing about Columbia Academy I love is that there are after school clubs that are really fun like Girls on the Run and ‘I’m a Chef Too!.

Melani (Grade 4)

I would recommend Columbia Academy to a new student or family because we have band and Chromebooks of our own! We have 2 and sometimes 3 specials a day! We have the best teachers you could ever have! We have Field Day and Fall Festival and Book Fair – it is so fun!

Adria (Grade 4)

One of my favorite things about Columbia Academy is that in fourth grade we can start band. Another thing I love that our school does is Book Fair. Also I love Field Day and Fall Festival. At Fall Festival we get to play fun games and eat yummy snacks.

Sofia (Grade 4)

I love Fall Festival because we get to go to a park and play with games and duckling chicks, it’s fun! We also have cooking. We make yummy things. It’s fun. Art show has snow cones and we get to go outside. It’s fun!

Vedaarush (Grade 4)

We do Field Day, Fall Festival, and band. When you come to Columbia Academy, you’ll be amazed by the technology. Teachers here are nice, and sometimes let you get extra points if you fail a test. Band and Chromebook start at 4th grade. This is the best school I’ve been in.

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