Now is the perfect time of year to appreciate the gifts that life has bestowed upon us. Our daughter is truly blessed to have such a school. It’s never been lost on me that so much of the ongoing maturity of an individual can be compromised by peripheral experiences that occur outside the home. I am so impressed by the ethical and social responsibility that the teachers continue to impress upon the young minds that will eventually evolve into our future leaders. Please pass this message on to all of your dedicated teachers that work SO SO SO hard to make the young minds that will form our future thrive. She is developing into something truly exceptional, and I believe that Columbia Academy played a significant part in that progression. Some presents can be opened. Some presents just happen. I feel that the wonderful dedication of your teachers is one of those “presents” that doesn’t show up under the Christmas Tree, but will perpetuate throughout her life as a gift that will “Keep on Giving”.

Unleash Your Child's Creativity

Are you looking for a summer camp experience for your child that will spark their imagination and provide them with a sense of adventure? Look no further than Columbia Academy’s “Adventures Through Time” Summer Camp! This 10-week camp is the perfect opportunity to unleash your child’s inner explorer. From learning all about the fascinating world of dinosaurs to crafting stories, creating inventions, and discovering lost treasure, our camp has something for every curious mind.

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