Mary Jordan

I am the language arts teacher for Columbia Academy’s Middle School. I apply my certificate as a Reading Specialist to teach my students to be the best readers and writers they can be.

I love the atmosphere of collaborative learning that exists here. Since teaching students truly relies upon the collaboration and support of the students, teachers, administrators and the parents, I can do the very best for my students because of the atmosphere that we have here at Columbia Academy.

I like teaching language arts to Middle School students who have come up through the elementary school grades here at Columbia Academy. the early education that my students have received gives them a much firmer base upon which they can build their language arts skills. And, when a student is well prepared and highly receptive to new challenges, they can continue to learn and excel in ways that will build their self confidence and increase their desire for greater learning.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have taught elementary, middle school, high school and college courses to the best and brightest students. My methods of teaching and the lessons I present to my students take into account the future challenges that students will facce. I always try to do what I can to prepare my students for their next adventure beyond my class and new challenges throughout their educational career.

Although I am in my first year teaching at Columbia Academy, I have seen many students being encouraged by their parents to do well in their school endeavors. I have also seen students at other schools that are NOT supported by their families and know how difficult that makes it for the students. I look forward to working with students and to collaborating with collaborating with their parents to ensure that their children continue to achieve their goals and continue striving for more.

I want my students to learn that new challenges in learning are to be embraced and anticipated with excitement. Education is wonderful gift that has changed my life and I want students to feel that same excitement about getting their education.

I would tell new students that they have come into a wonderful place of learning and discovery that they will remember for the rest of their educational lives. The atmosphere at Columbia Academy is enhanced by the dedication of the staff, the attention each student receives from his or her teachers, and the willingness of the administration to support the student-teacher-parent relationships. Take it from a teacher that has taught students in both public and private school across four counties in Maryland: Columbia Academy is a unique opportunity in education that can not be matched by other schools! You have come to the right place!

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