Elementary and Middle School Distance Learning

Our Elementary and Middle School moved to distance learning on March 23rd. Our team of teachers came together to research, train and prepare for shifting our learning environment from classroom learning to online learning. We could not be more excited with how successful this transition has gone. Parent’s continue to share your experience and feedback!  

We are using the following technology stack (list of programs and applications) across all grade levels: Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, FlipGrid and Zoom. Our teachers have sent home specific instructions and links to ensure all families are able to adequately connect with their homeroom and special area teachers while at home. We understand these are unusual circumstances and there is a general level of uncertainty impacting our daily lives. Our teachers fully recognize the requirement to offer families flexible options and we encourage them to work with their child’s teacher to best meet the educational needs of their child based on any restrictions the current situation imposes. We hope to provide our students and parents with a consistent structure while maintaining the flexibility we know they will need. 

Distance Learning Admissions

For families interested in learning more about distance learning admissions we are happy to set up a Zoom meeting with our admissions team and homeroom teachers. Our admissions team can answer your questions related to the admissions process and our teachers can walk you through what a general day and week of distance learning looks like. Following our virtual tour we still have a very similar enrollment process.

Five Steps to Enrollment

Step 1: Complete Your Application

Step 2: Admissions committee reviews completed application

Step 3: Admissions committee may contact family to schedule an admissions assessment

Step 4: Admissions committee communicates admission decision to family

Step 5: Accepted families submit completed enrollment packet

Following the completion of all the enrollment steps you will be prompted to pay a book and technology fee and two weeks of tuition (listed below). Tuition is prorated based on the number of days remaining in the school year. Upon completion of your enrollment our admissions team will put you in contact with your child’s homeroom teacher to have you added to their Google Classroom. Our admissions team will provide you with any necessary supplies to begin distance learning after completing your child’s enrollment.

TK – 1st grade: Book and Technology Fee + Two Weeks Tuition = $793.00

2nd – 8th grade: Book and Technology Fee + Two Weeks Tuition = $815.00


RSVP for our Virtual OPEN HOUSE April 23, 2020 @ 7:00 PM 


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