Distance Learning

May 12, 2020

Preschool Distance Learning

Our preschoolers have adapted beautifully to distance learning! One of their activities last week was a dough-rolling letter exercise. This helped develop their fine motor skills by manipulating the dough – twisting, pinching, pounding, and rolling it, which builds strong muscles in little fingers and hands.

They also wore green last week in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, blew bubbles, LOVED playing the tearing game, and listened to their teachers read stories to them.

Elementary and Middle School Distance Learning

We are so proud of the amazing job our Elementary and Middle School families and teachers have been doing staying connected! They’ve been navigating Zoom meetings and Google Classroom. Art and science fair projects have been created. They’ve been discussing fossils, going on virtual field trips, and so much more! We’d say that distance learning is a success!

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