Why Private School Education is More Important Than Ever Before

The results are in. The Maryland State Department of Education’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) from the 2021-2022 school year show that only 40% of Maryland’s kindergarteners demonstrated readiness and entered classrooms prepared to fully participate in kindergarten. This is a 7-point decrease from the 2019–2020 (47%) school year. 33% of kindergarteners are approaching readiness and may require additional instruction based on their individual strengths and needs. 27% of kindergarteners are identified as emerging on the KRA and will require targeted supports or interventions to be successful in kindergarten.

With the substantial learning loss that has occurred for children during the Covid-19 pandemic, educators across the country have a difficult path to navigate moving forward as they try to close the achievement gap and rebuild lost skills. Giving students the benefit of a private school education is one of the most impactful and immediate ways to start closing that gap and setting students up for success while building their confidence. 

The benefits of a private school education are exponential. At Columbia Academy’s preschools, we believe that strong values, an enriching education, and an unwavering commitment to the growth and success of every child are essential building blocks, particularly during the first five years which research has shown is when about 90% of brain development occurs. This is a critical period for learning and growth, as how the brain grows is strongly influenced by what is happening in a child’s environment and their interactions with the people around them.

At Columbia Academy Elementary and Middle School, our smaller class sizes, differentiated instruction, and whole-child approach to education build confident, inquisitive learners and set each student up for success.  Every student is known by name and is an articulate, fluent, and passionate proponent for the strengths of a private school education. Our intentional focus on brain-based learning with an emphasis on social-emotional development motivates students to attain higher levels of cognition and interest.

The message is abundantly clear: a high quality early childhood education matters. Research shows that building a solid academic foundation in early childhood in preparation for Kindergarten has positive lifelong impacts on health and sets the tone for future higher achievement in reading and math. It also positively impacts future life outcomes including earnings, home ownership, and retirement savings.

Even before a child starts speaking, they are actively listening. According to the Society for Research in Child Development, 24-month-old children with larger oral vocabularies display greater academic and behavioral functioning at kindergarten entry.

At Columbia Academy, individualized instruction ensures that students are met where they are with a curriculum designed to meet their specific needs. This ensures that students are poised to succeed and that we have positively shaped their futures in every imaginable way. 

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