10 Questions to Ask on Your Private School Tour

If you are exploring private school options, you already know that education is a valuable investment in your child’s future. Choosing the right one may seem daunting at first; however, most parents find that campus visits help them quickly narrow down the list. 

School tours are exciting for the whole family, but sometimes, they can feel like an information overload. Between observing students in action, meeting with staff, and exploring campus facilities, it’s easy to forget about all the questions you hoped to have answered. 

Writing down your questions and bringing a list can help ensure you are armed with the information needed to make a confident enrollment decision. Consider adding these to your list:

How do you ensure students’ safety?

A school should feel secure when you walk through the doors, but there are many safety measures that may not be so obvious. This question gives you a chance to learn about emergency response plans, background checks for faculty and staff, visitor authorization, and more.

What are your average class sizes at various grade levels?

Asking about student-to-teacher ratios provides an idea of how well your child will be known at school, a well as how much individual attention he or she will receive in the classroom.

What extracurricular activities are available?

Extracurricular activities enhance the learning environment and allow students to connect with peers through shared interests. If your child is already interested in music, a certain sport, or art form, ask about related programs.

How is technology used on campus?

It’s important to learn how the school integrates technology in the classroom, as well as what measures are taken to ensure each child’s digital safety. 

In what ways are students prepared for the next step?

Whether the next step is high school or college, you want to know that your child is prepared to thrive in a more challenging academic environment. 

How can parents be involved with school life?

Ask about specific ways that parents are engaged with the learning process. This could cover parent-teacher communication, involvement with special events, or opportunities to volunteer in the classroom.

What is the culture like on campus?

Asking this question can provide a chance for those who are immersed in the school community daily to share their insights about the culture. Listen closely.  

Do you offer before- and after-school care?

If you are a working parent, before- and after-school care can be very convenient. Ask about availability, any fees that might apply for this service, and what students do during extra hours. 

How are bullying and other behavioral issues handled?

It’s never a pleasant topic to think about, but an important one. Discuss conflict resolution techniques, character building activities, and policies that protect students from bullies on campus.

How are learning differences addressed here?

All students learn differently. Asking this question tells you how well the school is equipped to help children with various learning styles and abilities.

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