5 Signs of Healthy Social and Emotional Development

August 25, 2020

Social and Emotional Development in Children

Social and emotional development shapes how children interact with the world. These skills influence a child’s self-confidence and are critical in a child’s ability to form meaningful and lasting friendships with others. They also help children learn to manage their emotions, build healthy relationships, and feel empathy. 

A child’s social and emotional development also influences all other areas of development – motor (physical), communication and language, and cognitive. There are many ways parents can work on developing these skills with children.

  1. Be a model of the emotions and behaviors you want your child to show.
  2. Be responsive to your child’s emotions and behaviors.
  3. Ask open-ended questions to help develop problem-solving skills.
  4. Use stories to talk to your child about different social situations and how people might be feeling.
  5. Ask your child questions when they are upset to understand the root of their unhappiness.

Children with healthy social-emotional skills are more likely to succeed in school, at work, and in life.

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