Public vs Private School Kindergarten: How to Know Which is Best For Your Child

With kindergarten on the horizon, you’re probably starting to explore school options. This year looks different than we imagined, but you still have the same goals for your child’s education: a safe environment, a joyful experience, and solid foundations for future learning. Many families feel their local public schools can meet these needs, while others look into private schools for a more personalized approach. If you’re finding yourself torn between the two, here are some key questions to ask while weighing your options.

Where are you zoned?

Not all public schools are the same, so it’s important to know where you are zoned and what elementary school your child will attend. From there, you can look at ratings on GreatSchools, ask around for advice from other families, and even contact the school system to have specific questions answered about kindergarten. 

What class size would your child thrive in?

Perhaps one of the biggest differences parents discover between kindergarten programs is class size. Some have up to 25 students, and some have as few as 6 per class. If you feel your child could benefit from a great deal of individualized attention, seeking out a school with a lower student-to-teacher ratio should be a high priority during your school search. 

What do you need to feel at peace when your child is at school?

Kindergarten parents naturally feel a little nervous about their child starting school. You want to know that your child is not only physically safe, but emotionally safe as well. Things like character education, integrated extracurricular activities, and a positive culture with proactive conflict resolution can make all the difference for young learners as they navigate school life.

What academic approach do you feel best suits your child?

Young learners progress at different rates and may resonate with a variety of different teaching styles. You’re looking for a developmentally appropriate kindergarten program where teachers can meet your child where he or she is. Ask the admissions team specific questions about how they are able to differentiate learning, cater to unique learning styles, and ensure each child is challenged and supported.

Why have other families near me chosen private schools?

Do you know other families in Columbia who have school-age children? Talk to parents who have been in your shoes and ultimately chosen to send their kindergartner to a private school. Ask what their goals were, what they felt was missing in public schools, and how they’ve seen a return on their investment in private education.

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