Summer Reading Tips for Parents to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

July 14, 2020

Summer reading is critical for children to retain the literacy skills learned the previous school year, and also to grow in knowledge and critical thinking skills for the coming year. Children who do not read over the summer risk falling behind their classmates. Making time to read each day is essential in preventing summer learning loss. Below are some ideas on how to incorporate reading into your child’s daily summer schedule and keep it fun!

  • Read aloud together with your child daily.
  • Set a good example by letting your children see you reading.
  • Read the same book your child is reading and talk about it.
  • Let children choose what they want to read.
  • Take your children to the library regularly.
  • Buy or borrow from the library books on CD to listen to in the car.
  • On car rides, read aloud traffic signs, billboards, and other signs.
  • Encourage your children to keep a summer scrapbook, write captions on them, and read them aloud as you look at it with them.

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