Understanding the Unique Struggles of a Middle Schooler

November 19, 2021 Middle school is an exciting time filled with change, self-discovery, wild hormones, and ever-changing self-identities. With one foot in childhood and the other in adolescence, we know that children at this age begin to connect more with their peers and less with their...

Practical Life Skills in the K-Prep Classroom

November 3, 2021 At Columbia Academy preschools, our K-Prep children acquire many practical life skills in the classroom. Preschool children have so much untapped potential. We help them develop and sharpen the skills that can empower them to bring out the best in themselves. Each day, children...

Unleash Your Child's Creativity

Are you looking for a summer camp experience for your child that will spark their imagination and provide them with a sense of adventure? Look no further than Columbia Academy’s “Adventures Through Time” Summer Camp! This 10-week camp is the perfect opportunity to unleash your child’s inner explorer. From learning all about the fascinating world of dinosaurs to crafting stories, creating inventions, and discovering lost treasure, our camp has something for every curious mind.

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