Fun Reading Activities to Improve Comprehension and Retention

Reading comprehension and retention are important skills that will provide a foundation for any child's education. Getting your child to enjoy reading while simultaneously improving their reading abilities can be a difficult task. You’ll need to find activities that stimulate and challenge your...

How to Help Your Child With Reading Difficulties

Some children will inevitably struggle with reading, but these tips can help you through the process. Learning to read is difficult, but some children pick it up faster than others. If you notice your child struggling with reading, you might be concerned about his/her learning progression, but...

8 Easy Homework Tips for Parents

Organizations for child care in Columbia MD like Columbia Academy, can help make homework easier Child care in Columbia MD rarely distributes formal homework assignments, but it’s important for children to keep their minds active in a home environment even from an early age. Columbia Academy...

Unleash Your Child's Creativity

Are you looking for a summer camp experience for your child that will spark their imagination and provide them with a sense of adventure? Look no further than Columbia Academy’s “Adventures Through Time” Summer Camp! This 10-week camp is the perfect opportunity to unleash your child’s inner explorer. From learning all about the fascinating world of dinosaurs to crafting stories, creating inventions, and discovering lost treasure, our camp has something for every curious mind.

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