How to Help Your Child With Reading Difficulties

Some children will inevitably struggle with reading, but these tips can help you through the process.

Learning to read is difficult, but some children pick it up faster than others. If you notice your child struggling with reading, you might be concerned about his/her learning progression, but don’t worry. A large percentage of children end up struggling with some aspect of reading during the course of their development.

Fortunately, most reading difficulties are normal, and working through them will just take a little time and a little patience. If you’re trying to help a struggling reader, try one of these strategies:

Find Books Within Your Child’s Ability
There are all kinds of books out there, some of which will be too easy for your child and some of which will be too hard. Work diligently to start with books that fall perfectly within your child’s current range, then start working up in difficulty from there. Don’t be afraid to start on the low end of the spectrum—starting with easier reads can help your child build confidence.

Read Anything
Reading isn’t confined to books. Read magazines, comic books, websites, and even greeting cards together. Take every opportunity you can to help your child identify words and sentences in a natural environment.

Find Something That Interests Them
Look specifically for books that fall within your child’s interests. If you can find reading material they’re naturally interested in, they’ll be less likely to get discouraged and more likely to work hard at their reading skills.

Stay Positive
Confidence is critically important when developing reading abilities. Encourage your child whenever you can, and keep a positive attitude throughout the process. Reading should be fun, so go out of your way to make it fun.

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