What To Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

July 30, 2021 Anxiety varies widely among young children, and its symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways. Going to school can be worrisome to some children because they are leaving the comfort of their parents, sometimes for the first time. Their emotions may be so big that they have...

Differentiated vs. Individualized Instruction

July 14, 2021 Teaching is an art form that can be both complex and highly rewarding. While students differ in a myriad of ways from their strengths, backgrounds, needs, and interests, when teachers meet them at their skill level, it not only builds confidence but also invigorates...

Preschool Nutrition: Supporting Healthy Bodies and Minds

July 1, 2021 Is your preschooler in the habit of only wanting to eat certain foods? As parents, we worry whether our children are eating enough of the right foods to properly nourish their growing bodies and minds. We worry whether we are limiting enough of those not-so-healthy food choices....

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