Why Private School Education is More Important Than Ever Before

The results are in. The Maryland State Department of Education's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) from the 2021-2022 school year show that only 40% of Maryland’s kindergarteners demonstrated readiness and entered classrooms prepared to fully participate in kindergarten. This is a 7-point...

4 Ways to Help Your Student Adjust to a New School Year

As the new school year is underway, children are developing new routines and starting to settle in to them. After a long day at school, they may be full of big emotions and look to you for reassurance and support. You, as parents, are more important to them than anyone else, especially during those...

4 Ways to Set Academic Expectations With Your Middle Schooler

Can you believe you have a middle schooler?! Whether you just said goodbye to elementary school or are looking ahead to high school, you're realizing that parenting in middle school looks different. It's a unique season of growth where academics get more challenging and grades start to count...

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