Columbia Academy Calls For Unity During Challenging Times

June 10, 2020

We at Columbia Academy are deeply saddened by the unnecessary tragedies that have unfolded recently in our nation. While COVID-19 has been the core of our shared experiences since March, it is important for us to acknowledge the recent devastating events across our country. Racism, discrimination and violence of any kind have no place in our world. We believe in every individual’s right to peacefully protest injustice. We value and respect the differences and gifts of every person, every race, every culture. Change is needed now, and as leaders of an educational institution we take seriously our responsibility to help shape today’s children into leaders who extol the values of liberty, justice, and equality for all.

The last three months have been very difficult for the community and our country. Everyone is facing epic challenges and change that spark fear and worry. At Columbia Academy we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and the children in our care. The overwhelming and intense times we are faced with takes it toll on everyone, school personnel, children and their families. How each of us handle and express feelings manifests itself in so many different ways. Our small community constantly strives to focus on our core values and what change we can make in the world, individually and collectively. We will continue to strive to breakdown the barriers which cause such distressing negative behavior.  Through the dedication of our staff and use of our Peacemaking and Virtues Programs we have the power to shape today’s children into productive citizens that bring about positive change in the world.

It is time that we come together and build a world that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive, free from racism, bigotry, and hate. Let us give voice to the values that unite us rather than the ones that divide us. We remain committed to do this now, and for generations to come – they want it and they deserve it! We are stronger together.

Tom and Patti Kincaid

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