Helpful Tips for Families During the Pandemic

May 19, 2020

How to Talk to your Child about Wearing a Face Mask

  • Look in the mirror with the face coverings on. Slowly and gently talk about it with your child using simple words.
  • Give children time to look, watch, and get used to what’s new.
  • Put a cloth face covering on a favorite stuffed animal.
  • Decorate them so they’re more personalized and fun.
  • Show your child pictures of other children wearing them.
  • Practice wearing the face covering at home to help your child get used to it.
  • Answer their questions and give support.

*Children under the age of 2 should NOT wear face coverings.

Thrive During the Pandemic with a Growth Mindset

  • Look for the lessons.
  • Remember that frustration is normal and helps you grow.
  • Recognize that it’s the journey, not the end result, that matters.
  • Focus on the good.
  • Continue setting goals and challenging yourself in new ways.
  • Instead of comparing your situation to others, recognize your own personal growth.
  • Give mistakes and failure a chance to teach you.
  • Strive for growth, not perfection.

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