How Parents Can Make Math Fun

Start working with your child at a young age to help them feel more comfortable using and learning math.

Of all the subjects in school, math is used the most often, but it’s also one of the most intimidating. If you’re a busy parent, consider finding a preschool or daycare in Columbia, Maryland that can work with your child during the day. Also utilize the following steps to normalize math and turn it from “awwww math, I hate that!” to, “math isn’t that bad anymore.”

  • Offer rewards.Give an award when your child masters certain math skills, like counting, addition, or multiplication. The award doesn’t have be fancy, it could be staying up an hour extra on a weekend or a special meal your child likes.
  • Use math in games. Show your child how to use math in a game, like computer games, sports, or board games. You can use a non-digital game, such as card and board games that use calculations (Monopoly or Chutes and Ladder), or you can go the digital route. If your child has a smart tablet they can download digital tames, apps, and use websites in which early learning printables can be printed to make math fun.
  • Include math in other fun activities.Integrate math into games or activities that your child already enjoys. For example, if your child likes to help you bake or cook have them measure or count ingredients, like a cup of chocolate chips or 25 chocolate chips at a time. If you’re on road trip together, check the mile marker and ask your child how many miles until you reach your exit. Sports are an excellent opportunity to teach match because of scores, batting averages, percentage of wins, and so worth.
  • Show that math is meaningful. Math is used on daily basis with money, measurements, time, and so on. Make your child aware of its different uses. You can have your child check and compare prices at the store, counting mailboxes on a street, measuring out recipes, and measuring food and drinks used for dinner. Before you check out at the store, ask your child to add up the total cost of your purchase. If your child is right within a dollar then they get a prize. Or if your child gets an allowance, have them calculate how long they have to save in order to get the latest game that they want.

The more your child is exposed to fun methods of using math, the more comfortable they will feel using what they’ve learned. You can work with your child at home, and a preschool or daycare in Columbia, Maryland can use other resources during the day. Your child may be frustrated at first, but math is an important tool that they’ll appreciate once it’s no longer “awww stupid math!”

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