Thanksgiving Project Ideas For Preschoolers

Many teachers are always looking for the most fun crafting projects for their students! At a young, preschool age, children love partaking in arts and crafts during class learning time. Incorporating art into the education system not only encourages creativity, but also stimulates the imagination. Since children have the most creative minds of all, having art projects as part of the curriculum is an essential portion of a successful learning environment.

Preschools in Columbia, Maryland are known for their highly rated academic programs and the incorporation of the arts within the classroom. There are also many prestigious private schools in Maryland that use art as a foundation for many different subjects and brain stimulation. For preschoolers, some of the best times to introduce new crafting projects can be during the holidays. One of the most popular times that have an abundance of project ideas is none other than Thanksgiving! The main symbol that American children associate with this particular holiday is the turkey. Since children already have a love for animals, projects based around turkeys can be very exciting for them.

Handprint Turkey

  • Not only is this project easy for kids to take on, but also fun as well. Using non-toxic finger paints, children can create their own hand printed turkey body on a blank sheet of paper and decorate it as they see fit. They can draw eyes, attach feathers to the finger outlines, and use all kinds of colors and shapes to personalize their own Thanksgiving projects.

Tissue Paper Turkey

  • Folding paper into a fan shape or creased shape and attaching it to a pinecone can be perfect for both Thanksgiving and fall festivities!

Using turkeys for craft projects is a great way to boost preschoolers creativity while teaching them all about Thanksgiving. Many private schools in Maryland can easily introduce these holiday crafting ideas and similar ones to their young students. By allowing children to complete art projects within the classroom, they can enhance their creative skill sets and have fun while doing so. Preschools in Columbia, Maryland can use holiday projects to not only celebrate the seasons, but also put students’ imaginations to work.

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