From birth through age two, every experience is an opportunity for learning.

At Columbia Academy, infants and toddlers receive individual attention and nurturing care in an environment that stimulates overall development. Our staff members build a unique bond with the infants and their parents as they remain with the same caregivers for the first two years they are at Columbia Academy. 

Parents choose our school because of the personalized care and social growth they desire for their child. Infants are held, rocked, talked to, and as they grow, they enjoy a variety of learning experiences alongside their peers.

Safety and Quality

Our infant and toddler rooms are designed with an open concept for safe exploration. Interest areas and intriguing objects stimulate curiosity on a daily basis. Caregivers remain close as students learn principles of cause and effect, developing confidence in their actions. Cleanliness is a top priority and a stringent sick policy helps keep each child as healthy as possible.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Our teachers create an enriching environment, cultivating an enthusiasm for learning while developing a strong foundation for future academics by using Creative Curriculum for infants, toddlers, and twos.  Creative Curriculum uses developmentally appropriate objectives that allow caregivers the ability to plan and offer the best care and education for your child. All of our children enjoy a music class once a week with a music teacher. We implement educational experiences at the most appropriate times of a child’s development to ensure social, emotional, intellectual, linguistic, and motor skill growth — all without ever sacrificing fun!

Hands-On Learning

Infants and toddlers are intrigued by the world around them. Sensory activities support and strengthen cognitive skills during this period of rapid development. Our sensory table encourages problem-solving skills and a sense of community with peers working side-by-side. High-quality sensory toys and materials encourage creativity, and the play involved promotes a positive feeling associated with learning. Toddlers participate in a physical education program once a week in order to develop fine and gross motor skills. 

Character and Social Development

It’s never too early for children to begin understanding social mores, developing good habits, and promoting a positive mentality toward one’s education and community. The first years of a child’s life are crucial for establishing these principles, and our curriculum is specifically designed to encourage this development. The caregivers help the children solve social situations and needs as they arise by teaching children to communicate through the use of simple words or sign language, as well as modeling the appropriate action for each situation.

Infant & Toddler Schedules

From six weeks to one year, infants follow individualized schedules that are based on information parents provide. These schedules include daily care routines, learning, and exploration. One- and two-year-old children enjoy more structured days filled with learning, exploration, and ample rest time. Snack and lunch routines provide time to develop independence and social skills. For those who are ready, potty training skills begin in the toddler program by introducing them to the concept. Children go outside twice a day, weather permitting.

Parents and prospective families are welcome to download our schedules by following the links below:

Sample Daily Schedule: Infant
Sample Daily Schedule: Toddlers

Parents can view information about their child’s daily care routines through the Tadpoles app. At the end of each day, a daily report will be available electronically for parents. Caregivers will also upload pictures for parents to see throughout the day. 

Tour Our Infant & Toddler Classrooms

Choosing the right environment for your young child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We invite you to come tour Columbia Academy, meet our staff, and discover why so many parents trust us to provide care and education for their most precious possessions.

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