Thank you for your interest in Columbia Academy’s Elementary and Middle School Program, located in Columbia MD!

Applications for Admission to Columbia Academy are completed online in an effort to simplify the process, and to provide you with a tool for tracking the status of your child’s application. To apply, click here. After you have completed the application process and secured your application fee, you will be contacted by a school administrator. Should you have any questions during the admission process, please give us a call at 410-312-7413. Expect to hear back from us very soon!

Continuous Enrollment

Following the 2018-2019 enrollment period, Columbia Academy is going to begin using continuous enrollment for the elementary and middle school. Below are some frequently asked questions about continuous enrollment.

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Once families have completed enrollment they will be automatically enrolled for the following school year, unless they notify us otherwise.
This will take away the yearly process of reenrolling, and current families will have a guaranteed placement each school year.

Why Continuous Enrollment?

First, for parents this provides simplicity to your busy lives. We want to improve or simplify your experience at Columbia Academy in any way we can.
Secondly, for us this is a major step in our school improvement plan. By ensuring we know our enrollment numbers early we can plan instructional programs more effectively, hire the most qualified staff, and build an even stronger academic program at CA EMS.

Sample agreement terms will include…

  • By opting into continuous enrollment my CA student will continue coming back to CA EMS every year unless I notify the school otherwise.
  • I understand I have until February 25th each year to notify Columbia Academy EMS of any changes in my enrollment plans for the following year.
  • If a family withdraws between February 26th and June 25th they will be required to pay the non-refundable book and technology fee and activity fees.
  • If a family withdraws after June 25th they will be required to pay 10% of tuition in addition to the non-refundable fees.
  • Unique Circumstances- We understand that plans can change. For any unique circumstances, families withdrawing after the announced deadline will be exempt from paying a 10% tuition penalty. These circumstances include…
    • Moving/relocating 25+ miles away from Columbia Academy EMS
    • We cannot meet the educational needs of your child, as determined by the Student Assistance and Administrative Team.
    • Withdrawing at the request of the CA EMS Administrative Team
    • Other circumstances approved by the CA EMS administrative team.