Columbia Academy’s Elementary & Middle School campus serves students in Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade. We are well known for our exceptional academics, dedication to character education, and personalized attention.

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is OPEN.

Here are 5 easy steps to joining our learning community:

  1. Learn about our curriculum, culture, and community. Download our Parent Packet and find an overview of our elementary and middle school programs. From Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade, read about how our close-knit community allows for personalized support and mentorship, as well as how our curriculum builds on foundational content and comprehension for high school preparedness.
  2. Schedule a virtual Zoom tour with our admissions team during which you can walk through our classrooms, labs, and other spaces, and ask questions. Families can also attend a Virtual Information Session, which provides a detailed overview of our programs, curriculum, and school events. If you can’t make it for a virtual tour or information session, watch our campus preview!
  3. Complete our application. A completed application includes: application fee, teacher recommendation (2 for middle school applicants), administrator recommendation, birth certificate, and most recent report card. After you’ve completed your application, a school administrator will contact you, and the application process may include a shadow day and/or an interview. Applications will not be reviewed until all of the above items are submitted.
  4. Receive an admissions decision. Once your application is complete, the admissions team will review your application and send an email with an admissions decision.
  5. Complete your enrollment packet. Accepted students and their families will complete and submit an enrollment packet. 

Meet Our Elementary and Middle School Admissions Team


Amber Rodman is the Registrar at Columbia Academy Elementary and Middle school and is responsible for overseeing admissions and enrollment for grades TK-8.





Columbia Academy’s Elementary and Middle School operates on a continuous enrollment basis. Below are some frequently asked questions about continuous enrollment.

What is continuous enrollment?
Once families have completed enrollment they will be automatically enrolled for the following school year, unless they notify us otherwise. Continuous enrollment means families won’t have to re-enroll every year, and current families will have a guaranteed placement each school year.

How does continuous enrollment help you?
Continuous enrollment simplifies the re-enrollment process. By opting into continuous enrollment, there is no need to reapply year after year; your child will have a spot in the next grade level unless you notify the school otherwise. 

How does continuous enrollment make our learning community stronger?
By ensuring we know our enrollment numbers early we can plan instructional programs more effectively, hire the most qualified staff, and build an even stronger academic program.

Questions about our admissions process? It’s easy to request more information via our website or call us today at 410.312.7415.