Will My Elementary or Middle Schooler Benefit From Summer Tutoring?

June 4, 2021

Children often begin tutoring during the school year when grades are slipping and there is a gap in knowledge. It can be a balancing act for children to acquire new skills and sharpen knowledge of existing concepts and skills while also juggling extracurriculars and other family obligations during the school year. During the summer, there’s less external pressure on children and their parents because there are no tests or upcoming assignments to pre-pare for, no sports, and limited to no extracurriculars. This allows students to better focus on filling any existing knowledge gaps.

Some signs that your child might benefit from summer tutoring are slipping grades, ineffective time management, feeling stressed, lacking confidence, or having a negative attitude about school. Sometimes, when a child is struggling, they may have a learning difference which would benefit greatly from some added tutoring in the areas your child is struggling. With a little extra help and accommodations, your child’s confidence may start to be rebuilt and their stress levels may lessen. 

Summer tutoring for your elementary or middle schooler has the added benefits of:

More flexible scheduling—Parents and students have more free time over the summer, and tutoring can often be virtual. If you have an upcoming family vacation or other plans, your child can fit their tutoring session in virtually.

Getting ahead on content—Your child can get a jump start on the school year, learning skills or concepts that will be taught in the upcoming year. When children and families have less commitments, children can focus more intently on the content being taught over the summer, which will ease the pressure during the hustle and bustle of the busy school year.

Combating summer slide—Summer tutoring can keep your child on or above grade level and ready for the next school year. This will help them maintain their skills and practice what they’ve learned so that they’ll be ready to build upon those skills in the upcoming year.

Group classes or camps—If your child needs extra help with particular skills or concepts, many tutoring companies offer summer camps which will help bridge that knowledge gap with the added bonus of spending time with other kids and having planned activities, both academic and social.

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